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Antler Headwear Making
- Nov 29, 2018 -

Step 1: Prepare two pieces of antler cloth, place the front and front sides flat on the table, and draw two symmetrical antler shapes on the back of the cloth with a pen. About 0.7CM from the sewing thread, cut the stitched antlers with scissors, you can cut a few edges in the place where the curvature is turned, so that when the fabric is turned over, the turning place will be smoother.

Step 2: Remove the needle thread along the drawn pattern line and sew the fabric (keeping the two fabrics facing each other). Put the antlers on the front and stuff the cotton.

Step 3: Cut the cloth of the corresponding size with the length of the headband. The headbands are opposite to each other with the fabric, stitched together. Turn the headband strip to the front, the headband strip is relatively slender and not easy to turn over, it needs a little pull out of patience.

Step 4: Insert the prepared headband into the strip. Stitch the opening in the hair band. Stitch the antlers that have just been made onto the headband, paying attention to the symmetry.

Step 5: At this time, the prototype of the antler headband has come out. Let's cut some small pieces of cloth and decorate the headband with Christmas fruit. The wafers that make the fruit are relatively stitched on the front side, and the cotton is turned over to the front side by the return (the method is the same as the antler production).

Step 6: Stitch the stitched Christmas berries and the cut Christmas leaves to the antlers on one side!

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