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Vampires and witches attack
- Nov 29, 2018 -

Vampires and witches are the most common in Halloween. Naturally, this is also a key target in this NPC fashion. In addition to vampires, there are various types of dressups such as exorcism, death, and demons. Not only the features are obviously good-looking, but the players watched it as a spring sway, especially the sexy witch who simply took away the hearts of the players. These witch costumes are very sexy and beautiful. Sharan is more attractive after wearing this witch costume. There are also sexy female nurses who are tempted by uniforms, and the fashion players who watch them are full of praise. They just want to burst. If the fashion is really out, the players will definitely burst. Every time NPC’s fashion design is better than the players. This is why, and NPC's fashion is still very characteristic. I didn't expect NPC to be the biggest winner of DNF. The fashion of the players is not as good as NPC. After reading it, I really want to cry, but when Halloween is coming, These sexy NPCs can also make players feel good or not.