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Pumpkin lamp manufacturing method
- Nov 29, 2018 -

The most important thing is the pumpkin lid, a pumpkin lamp without a lid is not a complete pumpkin lantern! Especially when you find that when everything is done, the lid will fall into the pumpkin, which is too depressed.

First draw the shape of the lid with a marker or pencil at the top (that is, one end of the handle). The round shape is traditional and a series of operations after comparison. (square, pentagon, diamond can be) not too large. Just take a small knife or a spoon and put your hand in, just right. Use a knife to insert the entire edge of the trace according to the oblique insertion.

Use a special spoon or a daily spoon to carefully pour out the seeds and melons. Select the place where you are going to engrave and scrape the piece of skin to a thickness of 1 inch. (Scratch the inside is for the convenience of engraving. Remember: too thin, the carving of the pumpkin is very easy to break when carving).