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Masquerade mask making
- Nov 29, 2018 -

1. Choose and start making masks. The standard mask covers the upper part of the eyebrows and the upper part of the cheekbones, but your mask does not have to meet such criteria. Sketch the outline of the mask you are designing on a piece of paper or print it out. If you want the mask to be stronger, use card stock to make it. You can also stick a few pieces of paper together to make it stronger.

2. Add some details outside the outline. This step can help you improve the shape of the mask and know that you are satisfied - you can make the necessary adjustments as appropriate, and the added details will be part of your mask shape. Cut off the mask. Be careful to cut it! The quality of the scissors is good so that it does not catch the clip and suddenly catches or tears. Leave extra space on the sides of the outline to attach the strap or handle.

3. Mark the area of the mask. This step must be very pleasant to do - the mask must be colored according to your preferences, so the finished product will certainly satisfy you. Marked pens should be light, and looking at the mark through a thick layer of paint must be visually uncomfortable.

The surface design of the mask can include a wide variety of colors and materials. Delineating the contours in advance can keep the mask symmetrical.

4. Color the mask. Carefully hold the mask and if your phone accidentally touches the dry paint, it will stain (or stain the clothes). The paint is suitably coated with several layers to make the color look rich and full. Let the paint dry thoroughly. Be patient - it takes a while for the pigment to dry completely. Leave the colored mask in the open space and go with it.

5. Color and decorate the log sticks that connect the masks. If you don't have a round stick, you can use chopsticks, a strong straw, or a piece of paper that is carefully rolled up. Stick the handle to the back of the mask. Although other methods are also applicable, the easiest way is to use a glue gun.

6. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly. Grab the stick sticking to the set position for 30 seconds to ensure the position is fixed and safe. If it moves, use more glue.

Shake your mask moderately - if it's quite solid, it's done!

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