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Making Halloween costumes
- Nov 29, 2018 -

Material: black garbage bag, silver color tape, cardboard, telescopic string, black shopping bag not used.

Production method:

1. clothing: black garbage bag cut the neckline, cuffs, draw the structure of the bone with a crayon, and then put a bone with silver ribbon tape.

2. Mask: Cut it with thick cardboard, use a hole puncher to punch the ear hole, and then use the extension cord to add the ear hang. Please stick it with tape at the back, and the ear hole is not easy to crack.

3. Monk Black Hat: Black shopping bag that is not used, the top of the hat is the sharp corner, and the rope can be tied to the chin after being cut. It is very good to wear, because it is like the gloomy monks in the medieval castles of Europe!

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