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Fancy dress makeup recommendation
- Nov 29, 2018 -

Make-up 1: Make up your face. Under the shining, sinuous lights, the cleanliness of the makeup directly affects the elegance. Therefore, we must choose a delicate, high-quality liquid foundation to create a makeup base color, the color can be brighter than the skin color. Apply some glitter to the eye shadow that matches the garment, and increase the transparency and beam feel at the right time.

Make-up 2: Eye makeup should be enchanting. If wearing a mask is your choice, then you must emphasize the charm of eye makeup. The source of charm is first, the color of eyeshadow; the second is the makeup of eyeliner and eyelashes. These two are the key points. Masquerade is a color game, so you can choose red, gold, green, pink and other jumping colors to create eye makeup charm. Because liquid eye shadow is very moisturizing and has a sparkling factor, it is especially suitable for masquerade environments. Therefore, it is recommended to use liquid eye shadow to refresh. In addition, eyeliner and long eyelashes or artificial eyelashes are also indispensable, and can also emphasize the exaggerated sense of drama.

Make-up 3: lip makeup is shiny and moist. The mysterious dance must have a shiny and moist lip makeup to set off the woman's sexy. Lip gloss and lip gloss are indispensable good stuff, so be sure to prepare a tube for your spare time.